I am not selling anything! This is advice to UK people who want to make money and work at home.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a scam. Here you will find out the secrets of how people like me, make money on the internet. I am not selling anything!

Stop dreaming about it and do it! All it needs is a little bit of effort on your behalf and you too could work at home and be making lots of money.


Just under five ago I left my job. I was totally bored and had no enthusiasm for it. My wife had a baby on the way and I was commuting 3 hours everyday. I knew that if I carried on doing that daily routine I wouldn`t get to see my family at the most important time of our lives and it would have drove me into a depression. I had to do something about it. So I did!

I spent a long time trying to find a solution. I needed to:

  • Make enough money to cover my salary.
  • Spend time with my family. I didnt want to miss out on seeing my baby grow up.
  • Do something new and exciting.
  • Not have to do any more commuting......I hated it.

If only I could make money by using the internet to my advantage. It is after all the worlds biggest marketplace and it is still in its infancy.

For example: How many people now use the internet that didn't 2 or 3 years ago? Who had heard of companies like ebay, amazon and friends reunited 2 or 3 years ago? Well people are getting to know about them now. Infact most people will probably have had Christmas presents this year that were ordered from amazon.

Anyway back to my story, I realized that the internet could be the answer.

For a few months I started to study the internet and I spent alot of money, basically out of desperation, to find a way to solve my problems.

I had no prior knowledge of computing and the ways of the web, which made things daunting. I tried countless get rich schemes, failing and losing lots of money before I actually discovered how to make easy money and how many other people do it.

After a couple of months of employing my newly discovered strategies and raking in payments from all over the place, I knew it was safe to leave my job. WOW what a feeling that was to hand my notice in knowing that I was going to make more money than my salary whilst staying at home.

Up to this present day I have made thousands of pounds through my own legitimate internet business. I have seen my child growing up. I do no commuting and I enjoy what I do. Happy days!

I am not going to try and sell you anything. I just want to share what I have learned and point you in the right direction if working from home is what you want to do. You will still have do some research and studying of your own but I am going to share with you the best tools the web has to offer. This information will ensure you do not make the same expensive mistakes I initially made.


So enough about me. What can I show you.

One of the best ways of making money is by having your own affiliate website. This is where you can place other people banners on your site and take a commission of the sales that your site has created a lead for. One of the other ways is if you have a product to sell. Or ideally both product and affiliate ie Your site is selling a product but you also have google adsense pay per click adverts and other banner advertising on there.

If you are interested in selling a product then take a look here before you buy any stock.

I will show you a few tools and packages to create your website/websites and then I will describe how you should market them.

Unfortunately most of the best packages and tools are from the good old US of A. When I say unfortunately, I mean I find their selling techniques very over the top in general. I have sifted out the best on the web for you.


First off this is a superb package to help you put your ideas into action:


work at home with xsitepro

XSite Pro 


XSite-Pro is the by far the best website creation tool I have come across. You can have an idea of what you want to  do and have a site up with that idea in less than an hour. It is ideal for creating affiliate websites. You can use it to create as many sites as you like and it has powerful tools in-built including SEO (search engine optimisation).It also has google adsense PPC and affiliate banner management included. This makes it so easy to do automatically what can take an age, alot of hard work and experience to do.  I use it all the time and have created many sites with it. Best bit it is only $197 (thats approx £112 to us British Folk) They might be a bit heavy with the sales pitch but dont be put off......I highly recommend it, its a bargain.

It will honestly save you a massive amount of time and energy in creating your site, or multiple sites and help you to get money into your pocket sooner. You could literally get 2 or 3 professional looking sites onto the web in one day all making you money.



Right, so you now need somewhere to host your websites and register your domain names.

Heart Internet

Look no further than Heart Internet. They are currently offering a reseller package with unlimited domains and data transfer for £29.99 a month.

You cannot beat that!   



Remember my advice is here so you dont have to search for the best products.....the idea is to save you time and money to achieve your goal of working at home.


 So now you have your websites created and published on the web. The next step is to attract visitors to your site.

 Its all very well and good having the best looking website in the World but if no one sees it then it will be worth nothing! 

 This is the point at which most people fail. This is due to trying different options out there and wasting money on scams.

 Learn from my mistakes, I spent thousands of pounds before I got it right.

 My advice is:

  • DO NOT waste money on people who can claim they can send you thousands of real visitors for a fixed charge. Most are scams and are very hard to prove that the traffic they send you is actually real!
  • DO use Google adwords. You also get provided with fantastic traffic reports for analyzing your keywords. There is a bit of trial and error at the beginning but you can fine tune your bids for keyword and site related positions.
  • DO get others to link to your site. This really helps your Google position.


If you want to do some further investigation and get some brilliant ideas and strategies that supplement what I have already told you then you must get THE RICH JERK`s 'I am Better than you' ebook. Click here

You have probably seen his adverts all over the web. Take it from me.....it is Brilliant!  The Rich Jerk

You may not like his arrogance in his selling tactics and dismiss it as being a SCAM but I can honestly tell you it is the best e-book on the web. I wish I had purchased it 5 years ago! It would have saved me thousands. He tells it like it is and if you do follow his strategies, which go into alot more detail than I do on my free site then you cannot lose!

When I last looked the price had been reduced from $199 to $49.  Fantastic!

I guarantee it works.


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This is not a useless "get rich quick" site. You have come to see how you can make money by working at home. Read and learn if you want to.

  Increase YOUR web site's income today